Regional Meetings


AHPCS encourages members interested hosting regional meetings to connect with Clayton Lewis to make meeting arrangements; we will give assistance in setting up these events. Some regional meetings have featured informative and helpful workshops and demonstrations on the conservation of prints, a field of increasing interest to the serious collector. Look for information on regional events in our news and announcements area.

How do a plan a regional meeting?

Do you know of a special exhibition or auction of American historical prints that will be taking place in your area next year? Do you know of a little-known collection in a local museum, library, or historical society that contains hidden treasures that would be of interest to AHPCS members (current and/or potential)? Or would you be willing to invite members to your home or office to view some of the highlights of your own collection?

Regional meetings can take many different forms. They may be as small as three or four people or as large as the hosting institution can accommodate. They are a great way for members to network and to get together and talk about prints. Six months lead-time is usually needed when planning larger meetings in order to allow for advance publicity and invitations. If you have ideas for venues in your area, please let Clayton Lewis know about them. If you aren’t in a position to coordinate the meeting yourself, he will try to find someone else who will do it for you.

Whom do I contact?

Clayton Lewis is the AHPCS Regional Activities Chair. Click here to contact him with a question or suggestion.

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