Mayer, Ferdinand, ET AL.


1846: Nagel & Mayer (See Nagel, Weingartner, et al.)
1848: 3 Spruce Street
1849-1850: 4 Spruce Street (also Mayer & Korff)
1852-1854: 93 William Street (1850-1851, Mayer & Korff)
1854-c.1877: Ferdinand Mayer & Sons 96 amd 98 Fulton Street, and 35 Fulton Street

There is a pretty little trade card from 3 Prince Street.
There is an important group of New York views, all very scarce, from Fulton Street including: “Proposed Arcade Railway.  Under Broadway, address 156 Broadway, N.Y. Melville C. Smith, Projector.” n.d., 17.12 x 24.6  (Stokes, Vol. III, Pl. 133b and p. 700) – Mr.Fridenberg notes: “The view shows Broadway, looking north from the Soldiers’ Monument, on the left, and the Metropolitan Bank on the corner of Pine Street.”; “Albany Street, extended to Broadway As it will appear; The Revolutionary Monument, recently erected, being moved fifty feet south. Ought the improvement to be made?” n.d., 10.2 x 15.11; “View from Mt. Prospect, Central Park. A. Ribstein, del.” n.d.

Also, from Ferdinand Mayer & Son, at 35 Fulton Street, is “View of Rensselaer-Ville, N.Y.,” n.d.-a very interesting small view, seems early, and the work is above the average.

The range of these older lithographers can hardly be better shown than in the two later prints designed and lithographed by Mayer: “Plato,” 1870, published by G. W. Nichols, and “Bill Poster’s Dream-New Series 1877.”  The price of the latter was a quarter. It will be remembered that there was an earlier “Bill Poster’s Dream” by Charles Hart.

From Mayer & Korff in Spruce Street there is a letterhead with five New York City views in imitation of line engraving.