G & W. Endicott


The views include: the rare “Howard Hotel, Broadway, New York. Corner of Maiden Lane.  By Thomas & Roe. On Stone by C. Parsons, Lith. of G. & W. Endicott, 59 Beekman Street,” n.d., 18. X 24.8 (Stokes, Vol. III, Addenda Pl. 25a and p. 880); “Institution of Messrs. Abbott,” mentioned under the artist, A. W. Cowles:  “Front View of the New York Post Office…1845,” 12.12 x 18.5; “North Interior View of the New York Post Office…1845” (Stokes, Vol. III, Pl. 130a and p. 695); “Franklin, New York”  (Stokes, Vol. III, Addenda Pl. 25b and p. 881);“Camp at Corpus Christi… Capt. D.W. Whitting, del., on stone by C. Parsons”; “The Floating Church of our Savior, for Seamen”; “Design of the National Washington Monument by Robt. Mills of S. C. archt., on stone by C. Parsons…1849,” large – (Parsons was associated with the Endicotts in one way or another from about 1833 to 1863: see Parsons); and “Hacket’s Town. Warren Co. N. J. 5 miles from Schooleys’ Mountain. – The Delaware Water Gap seen in the distance. Showing the Spot where the great Antediluvian Monster The Mastadom was found, whose length is 23 feet, height about 12 feet.  Drawn by J. W. Hill.  Entered…1845 by W. A. Colman & J. W. Hill…Lith. of G & W. Endicott. Published by Wm A. Colman, No. 203 Broadway, N. York,” folio.

“San Francisco 1849, Drawn on the spot by Henry Firks for W.H. Jones Esq. of San Francisco, U.C…1849,” 13.4 x 32.4, with 51 references at side – very scare, large folio, colored. The  copy reproduced does not happen to bear Endicott’s imprint. There were several issues. It is one of the best of the California’s views.

There is an interesting military print: “38th Regiment. Jefferson Guards, New York State Artillery…J. Fritsch, del. 1843,” 24. x 28.14, and there is a series of at least five Mexican War scenes lithographed by Fenderich, Swinton, and Parsons after drawing by D. W. Whiting.

An unusually interesting and pretty music sheet, if one can forgive the pun, is “Slaying the Deer. No. 2 of the Songs of America Written and Composed by Samuel Lover. Price 38 Cts. Nett. Published by Firth, Hall & Pond, No. 239 Broadway, and Firth & Hall, No. 1 Franklin Square. C. Parsons, del…1847.”  Another good music sheet is “The Alida Waltz…1847,” with a view of the steamboat “Alida.”

A fascinating advertisement, with ten scenes, more than sixty figures, and elaborate decoration, is “The great Chinese Museum, Marboro’ Chapel, Washington St., Boston. The Largest Collection of the Kind in the World, Exhibiting at a glance the Appearance, Agriculture, Arts, Trades, Manners and Customs of the Chinese, the oldest and most populous nation on the Globe. Two Natives of China are attached to the Museum. Open from 9 in the Morning until 10 in the Evening,” n.d. (1846-1849), large.

A typical earlier steamboat print is “Peoples Line between New York and Albany. New low pressure Steamer Isaac Newton, the largest in the new or old world. Drawn on stone by G.T. Sanford,” n.d. large.