Frederick Kuhl

Philadelphia Lithographer and Printer

1840-1841: 24 Vine Street
1842-1851:  46 ½ Walnut Street and 120 South Second Street
ca. 1852-1853: 46 ½ Walnut Street and 7 Powell Street

Frederick Kuhl (born ca. 1812) was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1839. He worked as a lithographer in Philadelphia from 1840 until about 1853, when he moved to San Francisco, California.

For more information on Kuhl, see Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary of Lithographers.

W. H. Rease (lithographer), F. Kuhl (printer), Wm. F. Hughes’ Southwark Hay Press, Forks of 2nd St Below Christian Philadelphia [Lithograph, ca. 1846-1850?] Courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society.