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Smith, John

  1863, 1869: 710 Sansom Street “American Country Scene in Winter, Tholey Lith & Del,”  n.d., large, and “Genl. Lafayette’s Departure from Mount Vernon, 1784, Comp. & drawn by Ch. P. Tholey, 1863.” large folio colored – both published by Smith, no printer named. Both are rather crude and very interesting. With regard to the Read More

Schile, H.

  The seventies  18, 36, 56, and 62 Division Street Though often German in source or character, often bearing titles in foreign languages, for the convenience of immigrants, and invariably and outrageously crude in conception, composition, drawing, and lithography, Schile’s prints are undoubtedly American in spirit, because they so vividly represent the “melting pot” from Read More

Sarony, Major, Knapp

  1843-1844: Major, James P., engraver, 10 Watts Street 1845-1846: Major, Henry B., 10 Watts Street 1846-1847: Sarony, (Napoleon) & Major (Henry B.), 99 Nassau Street and 117 Fulton Street 1847-1857: Sarony & Major, 117 Fulton Street 1853-1857: Sarony & Company, 117 Fulton Street 1856-1857: Knapp,  Joseph F., 42 Ann Street 1857-1860: Sarony, Major & Read More

Rease, William H., ET AL.

1844-1854: 17 South 5th Street 1855-1856: 97 Chestnut Street 1857-1860: northeast corner of 4th and Chestnut Streets Lithographed “Jersey Shore,” “Pennsylvania Sugar Refinery,” “Celebrated American Trotting Horses,” and the Mitchell & Croasdale whale oil advertisement, all printed by Wagner & McGuigan (q.v). There are also a “New Orleans and Havana Screw ‘Habana’,” n.d., 22.1 x Read More

Mayer, Ferdinand, ET AL.

  1846: Nagel & Mayer (See Nagel, Weingartner, et al.) 1848: 3 Spruce Street 1849-1850: 4 Spruce Street (also Mayer & Korff) 1852-1854: 93 William Street (1850-1851, Mayer & Korff) 1854-c.1877: Ferdinand Mayer & Sons 96 amd 98 Fulton Street, and 35 Fulton Street There is a pretty little trade card from 3 Prince Street. Read More

Kurz & Allison, ET AL.

  Louis Kurz was born in Austria in 1834 and came to the United States in 1848. He fought in the Union armies, and was a personal friend of Lincoln. He was also a mural painter, and was one of the founders of Chicago Art Institute. There is a very poor view of “Camp Randal, Read More

F. Kuhl

  Unknown    46 ½ Walnut Street Unknown    120 South 2nd Street Large Mexican War scenes drawn by Polhemus of New York, n.d., from Walnut Street, and a   “View of the City of Philadelphia and its Principal Buildings,” from 2nd Street, n.d.  These seem to indicate the type of his work.

Kimmel & Forster

  1865-1866 etc.: 254 and 256 Canal Street P.K. Kimmell was a New Yorker engraver of vignettes and portraits working about 1850, and was later a member of the engraving firm of Capewell  & Kimmell, of the same city. Mr. Stauffer also speaks of Kimmell & Forster as an “engraving firm.”  This may explain what Read More

John Kelly & Sons

1866: 621 South 11th Street, Philadelphia Unknown: 385 Eighth Avenue, New York Publishers of Wm. J. Robertson’s “Lee & his Generals,” and much other interesting war material. The “Lee & his Generals” is included as it contains a very excellent portrait of almost every Confederate leader of major importance. It is an unusually fine piece of lithographic Read More

Joseph Hoover

  Before 1869: 804 Market Street 1869: 314 Walnut Street Publisher of W. Boell’s  “Grant & Bonner – Dexter’s Best Time,” a most interesting print showing a view of our Bloomingdale Road, with the famous Dexter, who knocked the seconds down. There is also a fine large group, earlier than the above, which seems to Read More