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32. Bumgardner, Georgia B. “Aspects of American Book Illustration: Technology, Natural Science, and Literature.” Vol. 5, no. 2 (Autumn 1980), 2-11.

Bumgardner surveys three aspects of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century book illustration. The illustrations discussed document the growth of interest in American subject matter, the importance of illustrations as visual stimulation for children and their relation to the popularity of specific texts, and their significance as records of American thought, culture, and history.

33. Gartland, Joan W. “The Print Collection of the Robert H. Tannahill Research Library.” Vol. 5, no. 2 (Autumn 1980), 24-27.

Gartland, the librarian at Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, notes a number of interesting broadsides, prints, trade catalogues, almanacs, maps, and prints in the collection.

34. Urquhart, Ross. “The Print Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society.” Vol. 5, no. 2 (Autumn 1980), 20-23.

Founded in 1791, the Massachusetts Historical Society has collected prints from its earliest days. Urquhart mentions a number of rare and interesting eighteenth-century British and American prints. The Society also has nineteenth-century lithographs and an interesting collection of the work of Will Bradley, given in 1957 by the artist’s daughter.

35. Wiet, John Phillip. “McKenney-Hall Prints from the History of the Indian Tribes of North America.” Vol. 5, no. 2 (Autumn 1980), 12-19.

After a brief survey of relations between native Americans and settlers, Wiet discusses McKenney’s idea that resulted in the series of portraits painted by Charles Bird King and the published lithographs issued in Philadelphia between 1836 and 1844 with text by Thomas Loraine McKenney and James Hall. Wiet also describes the publication history of this complex project that involved several publishers and lithographers.