1990 Imprint Volume 15-1 Spring


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90. Bruhn, Thomas P. “Thomas Moran’s Painter-Lithographs.” Vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 1990), 2-19.

Between 1859 and 1869, Moran drew at least thirty-nine lithographs on stone. They are rare and very beautiful images. Bruhn provides a synopsis of Moran’s life and early artistic career, focusing on the prints that he suggests fall into three groups defined by subject, style, signature, or date. Moran was one of the few American artists to use lithography as a medium of expression. Following the excellent analytical essay is a checklist of the lithographs, including locations, notes, and comments on the images.

91. Pratt, Dallas. “Historical Maps at the American Museum in Britain.” Vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 1990), 20-26.

One of the founders of the American Museum in Bath, England, Dallas Pratt presented to it his collection of two hundred maps of the world and the Americas issued prior to 1610. In this article, Pratt presents an overview of the exhibitions from his collection at the Museum and reproduces a selection of the maps.

92.Ruge, Valice F. “Life along the Hudson and a Checklist of Harper’s Weekly Hudson River Subjects.” Vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 1990), 27-45.

Harper’s Weekly carried pictorial material of all types. Ruge has examined a complete run of the magazine (1859-1903) and cited the 104 pictures of Hudson River scenes. Fifteen are reproduced with accompanying text from the magazine. The checklist is arranged chronologically and provides text page, title, page number of illustrations, and the names of artist, photographer, and engraver when cited.