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87. Boorse, Henry A. “The Third Street House in Philadelphia by William Birch: The Inside Story.” Vol. 14, no. 2 (Autumn 1989), 11-17.

One of the views in Birch’s City of Philadelphia depicts William Bingham’s house, then the finest residence in the city. Boorse recites the history of the house and its owner, for whom Birch worked as a drawing instructor to Bingham’s daughters. After the building passed out of the family, it served as a hotel and then was destroyed by fire in 1847. Boorse’s knowledge of this landmark provides important background for an appreciation of Birch’s City of Philadelphia.

88. Gross, Sally Lorensen. “American Historical Prints at Yale University Art Gallery.” Vol. 14, no. 2 (Autumn 1989), 18-30.

This survey of the print collection at the Yale University Art Gallery includes the history of the collection, its arrangement, finding aids, and history of exhibitions from the collection. Some uncommon prints are reproduced and discussed in detail, including some extraordinary eighteenth- and nineteenth-century prints.

89. Tucker, Joseph L. “A Collector’s View of the Prints of George Caleb Bingham.” Vol. 14, no. 2 (Autumn 1989), 2-10.

Tucker has identified seventeen nineteenth-century reproductions of the paintings of Bingham (1811-1879), eight of which concern him in this essay: the four prints in the Election Series, the two river prints, and the two history prints. The author believes that Bingham considered the prints the end product of his painting and demonstrates how involved Bingham was in their production.