Endicott & Co. Lithographs at The Mariners’ Museum [article download]


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Purchase a digital download of the article “Endicott & Co. Lithographs at The Mariners’ Museum” by Martha R. Wyatt in Imprint, Vol. 27, no. 2 (Autumn 2002), 16-26.

Wyatt examines prints by the New York lithographers Endicott & Co. in the collection of The Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia, founded in 1932 by Archer and Anna Huntington. She seeks to understand why the Endicott firm so frequently chose marine subjects and to assess the historical value of such views, particularly in relation to Civil War history. From the 180 Endicott lithographs in the Museum’s collection, she focuses on views of steamships on the Hudson River and Civil War “ironclad” vessels. She gives particular attention to two artists and lithographers, Charles Parsons and Edwin Whitefield.