2017 Imprint Volume 42-2 Autumn


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255. Ron Tyler, “‘Entirely New and Very Interesting Things’: Louis Choris and the Kotzebue Expedition, 1815–1818,” Vol. 42, No. 2 (Autumn 2017), 2-43, 28 illus.

This issue is devoted to an in-depth evaluation of the work of Louis Choris, expedition artist for the Russian-sponsored Kotzebue expedition that visited the coasts of Alaska and California, and the islands of Hawaii in 1816 and 1817. The author emphasizes the scientific brief that Choris was given. His images were intended as visual documents recording the new lands and peoples encountered during the voyage of the Rurik. Accuracy was particularly important when portraying indigenous peoples, because the pictures would be used as evidence in the debate among leading European and American scientists regarding the origin of the different races. Ron Tyler, retired director of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, has devoted over three decades to this study, the first exhaustive account of Choris’s career.  Includes an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources.