2016 Imprint Volume 41-2 Autumn


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251. Kevin H. Lynch, “Ten Quintessential Nineteenth-Century California Sheet Music Publications.” Vol. 41, No. 2 (Autumn 2016), 2-16, 11 illus.

Kevin H. Lynch, a collector and dealer with a discerning eye for nineteenth-century sheet music, attended the 2016 AHPCs annual meeting in Santa Fe. The examples that he brought to the Print Mart were outstanding for their visual quality and condition. For this issue Mr. Lynch prepared an article featuring ten early sheet music covers produced in his native state of California. The covers date from 1852 through 1897, and feature iconic California imagery including pioneers, gold mining, grapes and wine, and San Francisco Bay. Topical subjects include trotting horses, minstrel performances, snowbound trains, the Franco Prussian War, and U. S. Grant and the anti-immigrant movement.

252. Sara M. Picard, “Facing Jules Lion: Portraits of Louisiana’s Distinguished Men,” Vol. 41, No. 2 (Autumn 2016), 17-33, 17 illus.

Sara M. Picard gives us a professional portrait of Jules Lion (1806-1866), one of the earliest lithographers and daguerreotypes working in New Orleans. Lion, whose race is open to question, was born in Paris and began his lithographic career there. He arrived in New Orleans at the age of twenty-one and became a noted figure in the visual culture of the city until old age and the Confederacy’s lost cause clouded his final years. Lyon was a prolific lithographic illustrator and produced many portraits of distinguished men, possibly intended for his proposed illustrated biographical series, Notabilités de la Louisiane, that never came to fruition. Picard’s essay is developed from her presentation at the 2015 AHPCS annual meeting in New Orleans.