2000 Imprint Volume 25-2 Autumn


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154. Ruth Alden Graham. “A Look Back at the Founding and Growth of the American Historical Print Collectors Society.” Vol. 25, no. 2, Twenty-fifth Anniversary Issue (Autumn 2000), 2-8.

A brief history of the Society’s establishment and growth. Includes lists of Presidents, Ewell L. Newman Book Award Winners, AHPCS Fellows at the American Antiquarian Society, and Annual Meetings.

155. Georgia B. Barnhill, comp. “Annotated Bibliography of Imprint Articles, Volumes 1-25, 1976-2000.” Vol. 25, no. 2, Twenty-fifth Anniversary Issue (Autumn 2000), 10-33.

This issue prints Barnhill’s annotated bibliography of all Imprint¬†articles appearing in Volumes 1-25 of the journal The same content precedes this entry in this area of the AHPCS web site. Barnhill is preparing an update of her bibliography on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American graphic arts published in 1979 by the Smithsonian Institution for¬†Arts in America. AHPCS plans to publish it.