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138. Rainey, Sue. “Recollections of a Leslie’s Special Artist in the Civil War”. Vol. 23, no. 1 (Spring 1998), 18-26.

Rainey has transcribed and provided an introduction to a memoir by Francis H. Schell (1834-1909) relating his experiences as an artist employed by the publisher of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper in the early months of the Civil War. His account provides interesting details about pictorial journalism, the expectations of the publisher, and some of the pitfalls facing the many men who worked for the illustrated newspapers. The memoir, located in the Special Collections Department of the University of Virginia Library, has provided Rainey the ability to attribute some unsigned illustrations to Schell.

139. Tatham, David. “Keppler versus Beecher: Prints of the Great Brooklyn Scandal”. Vol. 23, no. 1 (Spring 1998), 2-8.

In 1872 the famous Brooklyn preacher, Henry Ward Beecher, became embroiled in a scandal over an affair with the wife of Theodore Tilton, a noted journalist. The scandal remained a target of cartoonists for three years. Among the artists who contributed to the pictorial documentation of the scandal was Joseph Keppler, whose lithographs appeared in his magazine Puck. Tatham provides the context for these prints and discusses seven of them in detail.

140. Wright, Helena E. “A ‘Transatlantic Stranger’: Portrait Prints of John James Audubon”. Vol. 23, no. 1 (Spring 1998), 9-17.

In this well-researched article, Wright asserts that Audubon’s style of self-promotion influenced his reception and reputation, using portrait prints and verbal descriptions of him as the basis for her thesis. He even admitted in a letter to his wife that his long hair was as important to his success as his talents. The portrait prints discussed by Wright were derived from life portraits.