All collectors … novice and expert, amateur and professional … are welcome!

Members of AHPCS come together to share stories of collecting, to advance research, and to learn about a wide variety of American prints. They come from many walks of life and include doctors, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, artists, lawyers, and scientists who have been drawn together through a shared passion for America’s historical past as it is revealed through prints. Art historians, museum and historical society administrators, curators and archivists, occasional and full-time print dealers, and special collections librarians are also an important part of the AHPCS fellowship. In addition, many of the nation’s outstanding institutions of history, art, and scholarship maintain regular membership.

Membership is open to all interested individuals and institutions. Member benefits include:

•  a subscription to our journal Imprint (published twice a year)
•  a subscription to our newsletter (published four times a year)
•  inclusion in and a copy of our member directory
•  the fellowship of other print collectors and experts

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