AHPCS Fellowship and Internship Program

Qualified institutions, especially those having both collections of American prints and an established fellowship program, are invited to apply for funding for a month-long research fellowship or internship. The grant for accepted projects will be $2,000 from the Wendy Shadwell Fund of the American Historical Print Collectors Society. Learn more about Wendy and her legacy.

Internships might involve exhibition research, a short-term cataloging project, conservation projects, or other object-based experience. Institutions may select one research fellow/intern candidate each year, then send information about the individual and the project. More than one institution can qualify to receive these internship/fellowship positions in a given year, depending on funding available to the American Historical Print Collectors Society through the Wendy Shadwell grant.

Annual application deadline: May 1st

The first group of fellowship/internships to be awarded in 2022. Each individual selected would be designated as that institution’s American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellow. Individuals selected will receive a one-year membership and will be expected to write up a report of their project for publication in the AHPCS News Letter.

Applications should be sent to:

James Brust, Chairman

Wendy Shadwell Committee of the American Historical Print Collectors Society