Exhibit: “A Telling Instinct: John James Audubon & Contemporary Art,” Asheville Art Museum

Asheville Art Museum 2 South Pack Square, Asheville, NC, United States

A Telling Instinct juxtaposes the prints of John James Audubon with the work of artists who continue this tradition of animal allegories and metaphors within the context of the 21st century. Addressing the foibles and strengths that will always be part of the human condition can be made more palatable when told through the guise...

Exhibit: “Woodcuts: Groove and Grain,” Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, United States

This exhibit explores a selection of woodcuts—from the 1500s to the present—that illustrates the many ways that artists have pushed the boundaries of the medium. Focusing on line, color, and the block of wood itself, this exhibition encourages us to look at how a print was made as well as what’s depicted. The variety of...

Exhibit: “Pennsylvania Scenery: Early Landscape Prints from the Tavern Collection,” Palmer Museum

Palmer Museum of Art The Pennsylvania State University, Curtin Road, University Park, PA, United States

The exhibit "Pennsylvania Scenery" at the Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, features a selection of picturesque highlights from the “Tavern Collection” of Pennsylvania prints amassed by John C. O’Connor and Ralph M. Yeager and gifted to the museum nearly thirty-five years ago. Click here to learn more!

CANCELED Exhibit: “Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere,” Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, United States

CANCELED. Drawing on the American Antiquarian Society’s unparalleled collection of prints and books, the exhibition, Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere, will transform viewers’ understanding of this iconic colonial patriot. This in-depth examination of Revere’s many skills as a craftsman will help illustrate the entrepreneurial spirit of an early American artisan, who stood at the intersection of...

Exhibit: “George Bellows: Sport, Leisure, and Lithography,” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 200 N. Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Richmond, VA, United States

This exhibition explores the role of sport and physical culture in the lithographs of George Bellows (1882–1925). Bellows, an esteemed early 20th-century realist, is often classified as an Ashcan artist due to the gritty subject matter he usually portrays. Well known for paintings that capture the dynamism and prosaic aspects of urban environments with dark...

Exhibit: “Frances H. Gearhart: Color Block Prints in Wichita,” Wichita Art Museum

Wichita Art Museum 1400 West Museum Boulevard, Wichita, KS, United States

This exhibition surveys the work of one of the leading color woodcut artists of the early 20th century. Renowned for her dramatic landscapes of the California mountains, deserts, and shoreline, Gearhart’s use of saturated color and bold compositions reflect her pioneering interest in modern art and design. Gearhart, a Californian, was an important member of...

Exhibit: “Promoting America: Maps of the Colonies and the New Republic,” Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg 101 Visitor Center Drive, Williamsburg, VA, United States

This exhibition at Colonial Williamsburg's DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum features works that range from a 17th-century map depicting the “new World” as a literal Garden of Eden to maps celebrating the newly established United States of America. From England’s first attempts to colonize America, artists and mapmakers created impressions of the New World that...

Exhibit: “The Colorful World of Chromolithography,” Museum of Printing (Haverhill, MA)

Museum of Printing 15 Thornton Avenue, Haverhill, MA, United States

This exhibition showcases many beautiful examples of the chromolithography color printing technique. Featured items include original examples of the work of Louis Prang, the father of the American Christmas card and the “Album des célébrités contemporaines, publié par Lefevrè-Utile” (Nantes, circa 1909). The Lefevrè-Utile album is a masterpiece of chromolithography and a stunning example of...

Exhibit: “Revisiting America: The Prints of Currier & Ives,” Joslyn Art Museum

Joslyn Art Museum 2200 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE, United States

In 2016, ConAgra Foods, Inc. donated nearly 600 Currier & Ives lithographs to the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. Now home to one of the largest public collections of these popular and historically significant images, Joslyn has organized this exhibition that sheds new light on the famous firm’s artistic and commercial practices. Revisiting America:...

Exhibit: Frank Duveneck: American Master,” Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH, United States

  The Cincinnati Art Museum presents a major re-evaluation of the work of Frank Duveneck, the most influential painter in Cincinnati history, with the first comprehensive exhibition in more than thirty years. Through his brilliant and inspiring work as a painter and printmaker and as a charismatic teacher, Duveneck’s impact on the international art world...