Latest Past Events

2023 AHPCS Annual Meeting: Philadelphia

The 46th AHPCS annual meeting will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year’s annual meeting will feature talks by historical print experts; visits to local institutions including Winterthur, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the Library Company of Philadelphia for print-oriented tours; and an evening at a renowned area print...

2023 Regional Meeting: Boston Athenaeum

Boston Athenaeum 10½ Beacon Street, Boston

A regional meeting will take place at the Boston Athenaeum on Monday April 10th. The program will begin promptly at 10:00 and will include a tour by curator Christina Michelon of "Revisiting the Ruins: The Great Boston Fire of 1872" as well as a presentation of collection highlights in the building's new Study Center, part...


2023 Regional Meeting: Museum of Printing and Historic New England’s Library and Archives

Museum of Printing 15 Thornton Avenue, Haverhill

This regional meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the Museum of Printing, where the museum's president, Frank Romano, will introduce the group to the collection of artifacts related to the history of printing and graphic arts. At noon we will have a buffet lunch and then go to Historic New England's storage facility in Haverhill for a tour...