Guide to using the list of Currier & Ives Newly Recorded Prints


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How to use the list:

Entries are listed alphabetically by title with the following information (when available):

Stock number. Size
No. 44. Small. Vignette.
Publisher: Nathaniel Currier, 2 Spruce St. No date.
Head of sad-eyed, long-eared dog with dress glove in mouth.
AHPCS entry number

Titles are transcribed as they appear on the prints. In instances where a print lacks a title, the entry appears at the end in the “Untitled” section. Any subtitles (and additional text) appear directly following the title as it appears on the print.

Stock number
Occasionally printmakers printed a small number in the bottom margin of a print. This number, the stock number, was used in the identification of prints.

Size and Measurements
The parameters used in assigning size categories are as follows:

  • Very small: up to about 7 x 9 in., or 18 x 23 cm.
  • Small: approx. 8.5 x 12.5 in. (Gale defines “small” to be 7 x 9 in. to 9 x 14 in., or 18 x 23 cm. to 23 x 36 cm.)
  • Medium: from 9 x 14 in. to 14 x 20 in., or 23 x 36 cm. to 36 x 51 cm.
  • Large: over 14 x 20 in., or 36 x 51 cm.

Note: Images that are not within a ruled, printed border are classified as vignettes.

Publisher information

Some prints list the publisher’s address or identify the publisher solely by address.

1834-35Stodart & Currier137 Broadway
1835Nathaniel Currier1 Wall Street
1836-37Nathaniel Currier148 Nassau Street
1838-56Nathaniel Currier152 Nassau and 2 Spruce Street
1857-65Currier & Ives152 Nassau Street and 2 Spruce Street
1866-72Currier & Ives152 Nassau and 33 Spruce Street
1872-74Currier & Ives125 Nassau Street and 33 Spruce Street
1874-77Currier & Ives123 Nassau Street and 33 Spruce
1877-94Currier & Ives115 Nassau Street and 33 Spruce Street
1894-96Currier & Ives108 Fulton and 33 Spruce Street
1896-1907Currier & Ives33 Spruce Street

A brief description of the print. Frequently, this section includes features that distinguish the print from a similar print already recorded in “Conn.” or “Gale.” “Conn.” is shorthand for Frederic A. Conningham’s Currier & Ives Prints: An Illustrated Checklist last updated in 1983. “Gale” refers to Currier & Ives: A Catalogue Raisonne published by the Gale Research Group in 1984.

AHPCS Entry Number
A unique entry number has been assigned to each print. The three-letter code indicates the contributor of the information. This code is followed by a number sequence in the order that the prints were added to the list. Contributors are abbreviated as follows:


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