Welcome to AHPCS

The American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS) is a non-profit corporation that encourages the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of prints depicting or reflecting North American history and culture, made either in America or elsewhere.

In our fifth decade, AHPCS has nearly 400 members including individual collectors, print dealers, curators, scholars, and educational and other institutions. Founded in 1975, AHPCS:

  • Fosters the collection, preservation, study, and exhibition of original historical American prints.
  • Encourages and supports research and development of publications helpful to the appreciation and conservation of these prints.
  • Cooperates with historical societies, museums, and other institutions and organizations having similar interests.

AHPCS is committed to actively investing in projects related to American historical prints and printmakers. Largely due to the generosity of members, the Society is able to support exciting, vital work.

Our grant programs champion historic prints from a variety of angles: preservation, research, and publication. The Shadwell Conservation Grant gives smaller institutions the opportunity to conserve their significant prints. Publication Grants provide financial assistance to help bring important scholarship to press. Finally, Research Fellowships support scholars at institutions such as the American Antiquarian Society who use historic American prints as primary sources in their research and writing.

Members are an integral part of AHPCS. Membership includes a subscription to our newsletter and our journal, Imprint, and provides opportunities to meet fellow collectors and to participate in a variety of events taking place around the United States, including our annual meeting.

Please use our website to learn more about AHPCS and the exciting world of American historical prints.


The Founding of AHPCS

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