Proposed Change to AHPCS By-Laws

Copy of letter being sent to active AHPCS members, April 2023

Dear AHPCS Members,

I am writing you regarding a proposed change to the By-Laws of the American Historical Print Collectors Society.

On October 30, 2022, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the following statement of purpose:

“We are a non-profit group that encourages the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of prints depicting or reflecting North American history and culture, made either in America or elsewhere.”

This would modify the current statement contained in Article II, Section I, Item A of the AHPCS By-Laws which says the purpose of our group is:

“To foster the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of original North American prints which are 100 or more years old, and which are produced from a matrix, using intaglio, relief or planographic techniques, either in America or elsewhere, relating to or about the American scene.”

In order to be incorporated into the By-Laws, this change must be approved by a vote of two-thirds of the membership present at our upcoming annual meeting in Philadelphia.

For non-profit organizations such as ours to prosper, evolve and grow, we must constantly evaluate, discuss, and, when necessary, modify our goals and objectives. Our founders knew this back in 1975 when they established the AHPCS and incorporated these provisions for change in the By-Laws of the organization.

We on the AHPCS Board believe that the proposed change will allow us to attract a larger group of enthusiasts who share our interest in historical prints and appeal to a larger number of persons in the print world and thus increase our membership. It will also provide a way for all of us to examine these historical prints within a broader context and to enhance our understanding and appreciation of them while maintaining our other organizational purposes.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions that you may have. Thank you for your ongoing support and for being a part of our unique and important organization. I am looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!


Allen W. Bernard, President
American Historical Print Collectors Society