2022-2023 Officers and Board of Directors

AHPCS Officers and new members of the Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting. Nominees for the 2022-2023 board were elected on May 19, 2022, at the annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.

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President: Allen W. Bernard
1st Vice President: Clayton Lewis (also Regional Activities Chair)
2nd Vice President: James Brust
Secretary: Nancy Finlay (also Immediate Past President)
Treasurer: Robert Newman

Committee Chairs and Editors

Membership Committee Chair: Jourdan Houston
Publications Committee Chair: Sarah Weatherwax
Regional Activities Chair: Clayton Lewis
Imprint Editor: Sally Pierce
AHPCS News Letter Editor: Jackie Penny

At-Large Board Members

Christopher Lane (1st term expiring 2023)
Thomas Bruhn (1st term expiring 2024)
Roger Genser (1st term expiring 2024)
David Wright (1st term expiring 2024)
Diann Benti (1st term expiring 2025)
Gregg Walla (1st term expiring 2025)
Stephanie Delamaire (2nd term expiring 2025)
Helena Wright (2nd term expiring 2025)

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